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Yak Meat.

Easy on the environment and on the waistline.

About Our Store

Fabulous Fiber and Nutritious Delicious Meat

As we become more aware and concerned about both our environment and our diets, yaks become a popular meat option.
Yaks are easier on nature than cattle. They eat about 1/3 less and due to their nimble, small hooves can forage without damaging the habitat around them. They also produce less methane making them "low carbon" ruminants.
Their meat is sweet tasting and very tender. It is never gamey and always lean. It is lower in calories than most other meats. It is higher in oleic acids and poly-unsaturated fats. It is about 30% lower in Palmitic acids than beef (associated with heart disease and high cholesterol). Yak meat is higher in protein and omega 3 than bison or most fish.
Give it a try-delicious!

We have ground yak available for sale. It is in 5 pound packages. We are asking $10/pound.